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Love SMS - 8

Love ....


You know what, in the whole world there is no such darling whom I love and I want the whole world to know that I will never forget you!

You are always in my heart, here and everywhere, There is no one in the whole world that makes me feel this way.

There are a lot of birds wispering only about you, you should once listen to them, then you would know how much I love you.

There Were Times You Make Me Cry... Looking 4 A Reason Why... There Were Times You Make Me Fly...Stay With Me Until I Die...Stay With Me...

Though many people will go in and out of your heart
only one will want to stay there. If you bulid a heart full of holes, think how much easier it is to hang on.

It isn't what happens in your life that matters most,
it is what your heart does with it, who it shares it with and what together they learn from it.

They say forgive and forget,
but if someone is worth forgiving
then you'll never forget them.

Theres a warmth in my heart It haunts me when you're gone
Mend me to your side and never let go
Say Time knows nothing,
we'll never grow cold
The more I live The more I know
Whats simple is true I love you

The words are easy when the language is love

If u read,u owe me a HUG,
if u delete,u Owe me a KISS,
if u save,u owe me a DATE,
if u return txt msg 2 me,
u OWE me All,
bt if u ignore,
U r MINe!
So wat will U do?

oops! i miss "U"

A ring is round,
A well is deep
& in ur arms i long to sleep
& in your bed i long to lie
no 1 else but u & i

When a heart is the sign of love ,and red the colour ...and when walking around with your head in the clouds means that one is in love..Why do I draw a line in blue and am I only thinking of you ?

A butterfly needs its wings ... an icebear needs cold weather and I ... I need you!

Love... I want to hold you close to me and feel our hearts beat as one forever ....

Love is....... to love more and more each day....

Love under the stars... they seem very far, but you are so close the star I love the most

Like a rose needs water, like a season needs change, like a poet needs a pen, I need you!


To live this life I need a heartbeat, to have a heartbeat I need a heart, to have heart I need happiness, to have happiness I need you!

Those who can't have you hate you, those who have you can't handle you, those who abuse you lose you, & then there are those like me who just can't refuse you.


Last night I wanted to write you a letter but all I could write was - noh ss!W ! It doesn't make sense until you read it upside down!


Love is just like life, it's not always easy and does not always bring happiness but when we do not stop living why should we stop loving.


A million words couldn't bring you back I know because I've tried, neither could a million tears I know because I've cried.


There are Tulips in my garden, there are Tulips in the park but nothing is more beautiful than our two lips meeting in the dark.


ts funny that all of the souls in this worls knows how i feel for you..but you
it seems that ur the only one who doesnt have the clue.. i just wanna tell you
what everybody knows and thats I LOVE YOU...

not ol d tym i can go wid u. not ol d tym i can plis u. not al d tym im
available 4 u 2 tok 2. but 1 thing is 4 sure, i'l care 4 u even wen u least
expect me 2.

if you cud be a part of my body,i'd let you be my heart for i want you to be
the most important,be the center of ol my emotions and be the last 1 to stop
wen it's tym for me to "GO". .

y hide ur feelings 2 d 1 u love? y lav d 1 hu lavs anader? y give evrything if
only pain comes in return? y wait if ders nothing 2 wait 4? i guess d anser
is... LOVE

it dos nt hurt me seeing you in luv wd sum1 else, not wen i c u so hapi wd her
n nt wen u dnt say hi 2 me. it hurts me knwing dat i shud've been in her place.

it's a luvly feeling 2 stand on d top of a hill & feel on ur face d touch of d
cool soft wind, he same is d feeling wenevr I hear ur voice & c ur smyl.

There would come a time when we have to stop loving someone not because that
person has started hating us but because we found out that they'd be happier if
we let them go.

Days wil b spnt lyk yirs f dos days wil b spnt w/out u, smiles r lyk frwn f its
nt ment 4 u, but 4ever wil sound gre8t f u promise 4ever to me!

FYT 4UR LOVE, dats ol dey say. LET HER KNOW & DON't LET HER GO, so what dey think of. IT WUD WORK OUT is dey beliv in. SET UR HART FREE, its wat they see. but how can i......wen 4u ITS NEVER ME?!!!

Luv not one, Luv not two Luv d one who luvs u true Luv not three, Luv not four
Luv d one who luvs u more Luv not five, Luv not six Luv d one who really sticks
Luv not seven, Luv not eight Luv d ne who really waits...

I would give up happines to never see you sad, I would give up eternity to be
with you always, I would give up my life so that yours would be new... I'd give
up everything... except you...

the pain inflicted, is because the good times (no matter how brief) make it all

why say HI! if u mean I MISS U.. why say LET'S GO! if u mean I WANT 2 B W/ U..
why say STAY! if u can say B WITH ME... and why say I CARE wen ur heart says I

i dont want 2 live anoder day if u're no longer der, 4 in dis lyf only u can
inspyr me 2 c d nxt sunrys, only u can motiv8 me 2 apprec8 d colors of lyf dat
no one else can.

dont set ppl free if u luv dem, keep dem and treasure dem and fyt for dem...
kaya nga pinaglaban kita eh, kasi LOVE KITA!!!

Luv is only a gift gven 2 us, we shd not hold it in r hands 4 we may nvr find d
strength 2 let go wen it dcded 2 leave, we shd only mbrace 8s warmth & glow wyl
it last & den frily open r arms when its tme 2 say gudbye........

if someone asks me if ur good...il say ur not...if they say ur better...il say
ur not...why shud i say ur good or better if ur 1 of d best i ever had...

id rather to loved and be hurt than nothing at all

i know its wrong 4 me 2 fall 4 u,but i cant get through it & if choosing ryt
means letting u go...then let me be wrong 4ever...

my hart s made 2 luv u, my lips are made 2 kis u, my eyes r made 2 c u, my
hands r made 2 hold u .....evry part of me wants u, maybe bcoz i was made just
4 u!!

u can close ur eyes wd d things u dnt want 2 c bt u can never close ur heart wd
d thigs u dnt want 2 feel.

U promsd 2 tke cre of me bt u hrt me, u promsd me 2 brng me joy bt u brought me
tears, u promisd me ur luv bt u gave me PAIN....ME? i promised u Nothing but i
gave yoy EVERYTHING!!!


I dropped a tear in the ocean and when sum1 finds it i'll stop luvin u

I luv ur eyes, i luv ur smile, i cherish ur ways, i adore ur style. Wat can i say, ur 1 of a kind and 24/7 ur on my mind!

Roses r red,violetz r blu neva cn n e 1 as sexc as u,wen im a sleep i dream of u, wen im awake i thivk of u what can i do im so crazy bout u!!

Mistakes there have been many, i must admit ive made a few but one mistake i dont regret is falling in love with you

I love u like life do u no y? Cos u are my life

Love is gr8, love is fine, it picks u up wen u r down, i love u and i always will, uve filled a space no one can fill.

I love u and will love u forever,coz u r my life my happiness. My heart is filled with u running in my veins,in my body.without u i'll be lifeless.

Once in a lifetime, u will meet sum1 that u truely like. U hope to be with him 4eva 2 see the sun rising. But have you ever wonder wad if the sun never rise again for u n him? Will you ever consider me?

Roses are red, violets are blue. But no matter how long i have to wait for you, my luv for you is everlasting true...

If i'm in hell & u r in heaven,i'll look up and b glad of u.but if i'm in heaven & u r in hell, i'll pray to god to send me down coz the heaven is not heaven without u!

Love is like the air, we cant allways c it but we no it is allways der! Thats like me you cant allways c me but im allways there and you no ill always love you!

The first time i saw u i was afraid 2 touch u,the first time i touched u i was afraid 2 kiss u,the first time i kissd u i was afraid 2 loveu,now that i love u im afraid 2 lose u!

Once upon a time,somthing happened 2me.it was the sweetest thing that ever could b,it was a fantasy,a dream come true.it was the day i met u!

I must be a bad shooter because i keep missing you

Time is passing so slowly now. Guess thats my life without you... So ill just hang around and find some things to do, to take my mind off missing you!!!

Love is kind, love is blind ,if i luv u plz dnt mind, sum luv 1,sum luv 2,i luv 1 and dat is **U**

If you hold me i won't shake if you throw me i will break if you hit me i will cry but if you leave me i will die

sad ting about life is wen u mit a prson hu mins a lot 2 u,only to find out dat it was never bound 2 b,and u juz hav 2 let go

R we friends or r we not u told me once but i 4got 4 all da friends i'v eva met ur da 1 i won't 4get n if i die b4 u do i'll go 2 heaven n wait 4 u. Xxx

God up in heaven pls protect my friends heart who i have just broke, tell him i love him and i always will

I love u with my heart, my body n soul, this love 4 u i can not control, the game aint over its just begun, i'll keep on playin coz i no ur the one

Accidents do happen i slip, i trip,i stumble n i fall and usually i dont mind at all... But now i dont no wot 2 do coz i slipped n fell in love wid u

One day you will ask me what is more important to me you or my life i will say my life and you will walk out and leave me not even realising that you are my life!!!

Once upon a time,somthing happened 2me.it was the sweetest thing that ever could b,it was a fantasy,a dream come true.it was the day i met u!

If u love me like u told me, please b careful wiv my heart. U can take it just dont break it, or my world will fall apart!

If i could be an angel, i would make ur every wish come true. But im only human, just a girl who's lovin u!!!

When im alone,lying in my bed all sorts of things come into my head like why do i love u as much as i do the i realise its because you are you!xxx

I love you more today than i did yesterday, but not as much as i will tomorow



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