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Anonymous Proxy

Online proxy is a free utility service which can be used by anybody around the world to surf the World Wide Web anonymously without any security fears.

It utilizes a mirrored server with the help of which your IP and other details are always concealed to the intermediary who is providing the proxy server service. It might happen that when you are at work, your employer has blocked certain sites like My Space, Facebook and Twitter so that you donít indulge in them and concentrate fully on work.

In such a situation you can use an anonymous proxy server to visit these sites without leaving a trace of the pages you were viewing using this service. It will always come to your aid if you donít want to unblock a site but still want to view it. Itís an easy and convenient way to view the website of your choice.

What this service actually does is that it re-routes your website request via the proxy server that the service provider has installed at a remote location. So the person who is blocking the website will interpret that this request is coming from another IP and not yours.

Thus you can virtually unblock the sites. The latest gaming consoles like the Xbox or the Playstation can also utilize an online proxy client for online gaming with peers. This is very useful when you are in a region for which you donít have an account with the console manufacturer.

You should route your router with the help of a pc to an online proxy. Now when you will connect your Xbox to the router, you will be able to access the Xbox live service from anywhere around the world. The server to which you have connected behaves as an anonymous proxy allowing you hassle free gaming from the location of your choice.

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